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Posted by Eclectic City - 11:14PM - 3/10/2024

Check out the pilot episode here Use "Save As" to download

Posted by Eclectic City - 11:53PM - 3/06/2024

Hear "Voices Un Tru (Rain Version)" at the link below, with or without a Fans+ service account!

Posted by Eclectic City - 11:24PM - 3/06/2024

Greetings Creators, We are The Eclectic City; many derived from diverse styles, genres, tastes, and influences.  We bring our offerings of art, good vibes, unique blends, and eclectic sounds to help navigate you through these daily liminal spaces of life.   My the energy we transmit through your device help bring light into this troubled world.

Posted by The Dead Bearcats - 12:43AM - 2/21/2024

We released "Stairway to the Universe" this weekend!  Enjoy if you will

Posted by The Dead Bearcats - 9:10PM - 2/06/2024

New Tracks layed down a few weeks ago!:
1) One Night
2) Beautiful Mess
3) The King is Gone
Enjoy them!

Posted by The Dead Bearcats - 7:33PM - 1/07/2024

Check out our new tracks (1/6/24):
One Night
The King is Gone
A Beautiful Mess 

Posted by SP Up - 9:00AM - 11/27/2023

All must be a dream... A tribute track to all.

Posted by The Dead Bearcats - 10:47AM - 11/26/2023

Lonely America Sampled Track

Posted by The Dead Bearcats - 3:49PM - 11/12/2023

Let's Rock the Universe

Posted by Jude - 12:40PM - 11/12/2023

1) Time Bomb (I Believe)
2) Punk Rap
3) Show Us the Way Home

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